Fall Portraits


School is back in session, football season started this past weekend, but the heat is still blistering! I don't know about you, but I cannot wait until Fall is truly here. This summer has been full of beautiful beach weddings, family beach portrait sessions, and surprising summer engagement images. I have fallen in love with my clients over this Wedding Season, and I cannot wait to see what they have been up to during our Fall Portrait Sessions. 

I love photographing my clients in the Fall. The cooler weather, natural lighting, and bright fall colors are perfect for outdoor sessions. I consider October to be the pre-Christmas month, as it allows the perfect amount of time to get your family Christmas card checked off your list so you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season. My Fall Portrait Sessions are the perfect opportunity to get a fresh look for the holiday season with mid-year family photos. 

Many photographers offer “mini sessions”, but to me, that just means less time spent with my amazing clients. Photography tells a story, so instead of reducing the time spent to capture that story, I will reduce my rate for my Fall Portrait Sessions, allowing for a mid-year update to those cherished family images. A lot of my clients are visitors to the Destin, Florida area, so I love the opportunity to visit my clients in their hometowns. Atlanta, Georgia is just one of the many destinations I travel to in order to freshen up my client’s family photographs. I will be scheduling Fall Portrait Sessions in Atlanta for the dates of October 12 – 14, so be sure to call me and book a session! 

Fall Portrait Session Schedule:
Gulf Coast Area (FWB to PCB): starting September 15
Atlanta, GA: October 12 – 14
New Orleans, LA: November 2 – 4