Tell Your Story...


It's all about creating your story book of pictures...

In previous blogs we've talked about the proposal and all the reasons why you should plan an engagement photography session. Our hopes with this blog is to encourage couples to show their personalities and have fun with their engagement sessions. The hard part is've chosen the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with, you've chosen your wedding date and hopefully your photographer, so now it's time to pick a setting and theme for your engagement session!  

Reed and Kaleigh (cute couple pictured above) illustrate this idea perfectly. Living in Northwest Florida, there is a heavy military community, we get so much pride when photographing military couples in uniform. Incorporating props is always fun and adds your own flavor to your photos. Stay tuned for more on engagement photoshoot inspiration and props in our upcoming blogs. 

Pick Your Setting

Most photographers have a few favorite locations based on lighting, background, colors, amounts (or lack thereof) of crowds, and ambiance however this doesn’t mean that you can’t suggest an engagement photo session location. If there’s a place special to you and your story, discuss it with us. We might suggest a good time of day to take photos in that location or ideas on other facets of the photoshoot. But, don’t feel like you have to have a setting or location in mind. As we get to know newly-engaged couples, we can suggest the perfect setting for your photoshoot that captures and enhances your personality and story.

Choose Your Theme

This is so fun. When a couple adds a theme to their engagement photoshoot, it brings their personality to light. It adds character to the photoshoot and reinforces their love and what it’s based on and centered around. Engagement photoshoot themes can range from simple, with light colors and simple props, to nostalgic with offbeat ideas, adventure-based settings, sports-themed, or patriotic props. Here’s a fun article with some creative themes to help you brainstorm and step out of your box. BUT, don’t just choose a theme because someone else did it and you think it’s cute. Ensure your theme matches your personalities and enhances your love story. 

Get Comfy

Camera shy. It’s a ‘thing.’ But, we don’t want it to be the ‘thing’ that keeps your engagement photos from telling your story and sharing your love and strong bond with the world. It’s important to get comfortable before and during the session.

Here’s a few tips:

  • Focus on your love - not the camera.
  • Think about the future - let your excitement shine.
  • Pretend the photographer isn’t there - try and be natural and act normal with each other.

Let us tell your love story. With over 13 years of experience in wedding and fine art photography, we can capture it all. The Proposal, Engagement Session, Wedding Day Photography, Family Portraits and everything else in between. Documenting these significant moments in life has been a personal mission of ours that has evolved into a unique style of storytelling. Contact us at to plan your engagement photo session.